About the Atherton Tablelands 

The Atherton Tableland an area of around 32,000 km2 with an altitude ranging between 500 and 1,280 m (1,640 and 4,200 ft)

In 1877 John Atherton settled near the town that now bears his name

The region is a rich farming region, with fertile volcanic soil its believed you could plant nails and grow crowbars

Discover the beautiful Atherton Tablelands
Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands is a popular destination to visit when in North Queensland

Just a short drive from Cairns, the tropical Tablelands are set in a plateau, offering a beautiful mountain retreat.

The tropical Tablelands are surrounded by many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and a lush rainforest.

Outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant with Atherton Tablelands tours.

Plus, you’ll benefit from the finest accommodations and many excellent attractions and things to do.

Atherton Tablelands places of interest include Lake Barrine
Lake Barrine

When on Atherton Tablelands tours, you’ll discover rolling ranges and amazing waterfalls.

You’ll also see a number of local farms, including tropical fruit farms and coffee plantations.

The area is rich with National Parks and World Heritage Listed sites, all offering great history. If you’re a fan of history and culture, there are many galleries, arts, and historical buildings nearby to explore.

A few of the many top attractions near Atherton Tablelands includes the Crystal Caves, Australian Coffee Centre, Blazing Saddles, Coffee Works, wine tasting and historical villages.

As the Tablelands are closely located to Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, there’s also scuba diving and snorkeling tours to explore the reef.


When staying at the Atherton Tablelands, you have many excellent accommodations available.

If you’re looking to enjoy nature, you’ll love the rustic camp grounds.

Looking for something a little more romantic? How about a cozy bed and breakfast?

There are also apartments, resorts and hotels available.

No matter where you stay, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the Tablelands.


There are many fine restaurants, cafes and pubs to check out when at the Atherton Tablelands.

If you have some spare time, you’ll defiantly want to head to the Gallo Dairyland. This fully functional dairy farm offers a wide range of gourmet dairy products and handcrafted chocolates. It’s a relaxing and unique way to spend the day.

Lake Barrine

You’ll find many great local markets to explore to find the perfect souvenir, or mingle with the welcoming community to get a taste of the culture. No matter if you’re indoors or outdoors, you’ll have an unforgettable experience exploring the Tablelands.

Atherton Tablelands  is classified by BirdLife International as one of Australia’s Important Bird Areas, supporting over 1% of the world population of the sarus crane and a significant population of the bush stone-curlew.

Atherton Tablelands
Sarus Crane


Twelve species of birds are inhabitant this area and the mountain ranges immediately south: Atherton scrub wren, Bower’s shrike thrush, bridled honeyeater, chowchilla, fern wren, golden bowerbird, grey-headed robin, Macleay’s honeyeater, mountain thornbill, pied monarch, tooth-billed bowerbird and Victoria’s riflebird.

Around the Mareeba region we often see the majestic Black Cockatoo and in the Palmer River area you may see the Palm Cockatoo

Weather in the area is nearly perfect year round, so anytime is a good time to visit the Atherton Tablelands when on Cairns trips.

To make the most of your time exploring the Tablelands, be sure to book Atherton Tablelands tours so you don’t miss out on a thing.