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 Cooktown tours

Cooktown  – When taking Cairns trips, a popular port to check out is Cooktown. The historic port still hosts it’s historic roots with wide streets, impressive buildings and well-preserved architecture. Although the town’s gold mining days are long gone, Cooktown tours take you through the heart of the port, where you’re able to explore the town’s rich history, dynamic culture and numerous activities and attractions.


The port town is the perfect base for fishing and boating activities. The area is home to world-class fishing and Aboriginal tours. You can also take river cruises to explore the amazing rainforest habitat and wildlife. The cruises take you through the mangrove systems and a number of unique destinations.


Beaches in Cooktown are abundant and are the perfect way to spend a day in the sun, or head out from some bird watching, where you’ll spot hundreds of bird species. While you’re there, check out the Black Mountain National Park. Not only is the park beautiful, but has a history of myths and legends you’ll love.


To get in touch with the historical and cultural roots of the town, head to Cook’s Landing, where you’ll learn many fun facts and the history of the town’s founder Captain James Cook. You’ll learn about the Aboriginal culture of the area, originating from a tribal nation.


When taking Cooktown tours, you’ll quickly discover you have nature’s playground in every direction. You’ll enjoy bush walks to connect with nature and view the wildlife in the area. You’ll be surrounded by birds, butterflies and a diversity of wildlife in lush landscaping.


Cooktown is also a perfect location to explore museums, galleries, arts and crafts. You’ll find many hand-made arts and crafts by local residents. As you tour the local museums and art galleries, such as the Cooktown History Centre, you’ll be transformed in time as you learn more about the rich history of the area.


If you enjoy sports, Cooktown even has activities for you, too. Head to the Cooktown Bowls Club to socialize or take a dip in the Cooktown Community Swimming Pool. Fans of golf will love the Cooktown Golf Links.


Cairns trips simply aren’t complete without a visit to Cooktown. To make the most of your time at the port and to learn the diverse history of the area, Cooktown tours are the best option. You’ll visit the best and most historical locations for a fun and educational experience.