Great Barrier Reef Day Tours
Explore Cairns on one of our awesome day tours

When taking Cairns trips, an absolute must see attraction is the Great Barrier Reef—the largest living coral reef system in the world.

When visiting Cairns, the best way to explore the reef is with Great Barrier Reef day trips. Reef day tours take you to pristine locations on the reef.

Depending on the tour you choose, you’re able to snorkel, scuba dive, and if you decide you want more time on the reef how about a reef stay?

Even when on a budget in Cairns, there is a budget cruise, which allows you to have the perfect reef experience for a day.

To make the most of your time exploring the Great Barrier Reef, there are reef day tours that will allow you to snorkel or scuba dive two popular Outer Reef sites.

You’ll explore the reef in pristine water conditions for optimal viewing of the vast coral gardens and plentiful marine life. You can even enjoy the reef from a glass bottom boat!

For a day of luxury when on Cairns trips, you can benefit from special VIP reef tours, which offers a day of lavish with your own Great Barrier Reef Guide

You’ll enjoy a private and personalized experiences as your needs are catered to while you explore the Great Barrier Reef.

family reef tours

Reef day tours are even the perfect affordable option for family vacations.

People of all ages are able to enjoy a day reef cruise—from young children to grandparents. Not only will your family enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, but your family will also enjoy many family-friendly activities.

Great Barrier Reef

With Great Barrier Reef day trips, you can travel to the tropical paradise getaway of Green Island.

Just a short distance offshore from Cairns, you’ll travel to the island, where you can scuba dive or snorkel, even if you’ve never dived or snorkeled before.

If you’re not interested in swimming, you’ll still see the beauty of the reef from a glass bottom boat.

How about exploring the Great Barrier Reef from above?

Get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular reef from a Hot Air Balloon. As the reef is large enough to be viewed from space, you’ll have no problem taking in the beauty from a Hot Air Balloon.

When taking Cairns trips, be sure to visit the best natural wonder in the world—Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

In addition to the Reef day tours already mentioned, you can also enjoy the Wild Life Dome, head out on a Pontoon, enjoying horseback riding and much more.

No matter your age or diving experience, you’ll love Great Barrier Reef day trips.