Cairns Horse riding
As the only place in the world with two World Heritage listed sites right next to one another, you have an outdoor playground right at your fingertips. With an abundance of outdoor recreational activities for Cairns trips, horseback riding is a common favourite.

Cairns Horse riding allows you to explore a number of terrains in different locations. No matter if you’re taking horseback riding trips down the beach or through the Rainforest, you’ll have a relaxing time taking in the scenery and viewing the wildlife.


Cairns Horse riding  allows you to have an excellent Australian adventure as you enjoy the nature tours for a full day or half day. You’re able to tour a working sugar cane farm, head to waterholes or explore the rainforest. No matter where you choose to tour, you’ll see an abundance of wildlife– from geese to wallabies


Horseback riding trips allow you to have a somewhat intimate experience connecting with nature. The breeze will be in your hair with the warm sun on your face as you take a relaxing ride though some of the best natural wonders in the world. No matter if you’ve never rode a horse before or if you’re an experienced rider, you’ll have a great time walking the trails. Plus, it’s a perfect family experience for children of all ages.


Not only will you walk the trails to see the best nature has to offer, but you also have the opportunity to meet many friendly locals and even stop off at local farms to pet sheep. If you choose to make a full day of your horse riding in Cairns, pack a lunch for a picnic or stop off at a local restaurant for lunch and refreshments.


Have you ever dreamed about riding into the sunset? You’re able to take horse rides on the beach to make your dream come true. From the grassy head lands to sandy beaches surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll experience it all. You’ll have breathtaking views of the reef, the rainforest and the peaceful beaches.


Whether you’re looking for horseback riding trips for yourself or your entire family, tours can be accommodated for groups. You’ll explore a number of locations while you sit back and relax.


Break away from the city for a day of relaxing and connecting with nature with Cairns horse riding tours